Plastic Consult

What we do

Business and management consulting

Corporate Governance

We take on responsibility and executive office for ordinary and extraordinary administration, supporting the management of the company’s assets, in connection with possible future quotations, capital increases, acquisitions or divestitures.

Temporary Management

We manage the change, the innovation or the boost of a business segment. Our mission is to increase the internal resources and create a greater added value for companies.

HR and payroll management

We define the criteria of personnel selection and assist the company in the choice of the right human resource to be placed in the appropriate position. We manage the processing of pay slips, related taxes and optimize the costs of employees, managers and directors.

Operational control

We define fixed and variable costs; we identify profitability by commissioned order, article and lot. We develop systems that allow us to obtain real-time data accounting and analysis of key performance indicators.

Out-sourcing administration

We provide the support of specialized staff in administrative and accounting management, even if only for peak periods or temporary replacements of internal staff. The service is carried out in “smart-working” mode through remote connection to the management platform belonging to the customer or to its consultant.

Industrial-Financial accounting and auditing

We integrate and automate administrative processes, from budgeting to invoicing, integrating procurement, loading, unloading and warehouse rotation processes.

We analyse all the active and passive economic components and create the forecast of financial flows with detailed simulation of the banking position up to +6 months.