Plastic Consult

Ecology & Economics

Plastic Consult has provided environmental advice mainly to large organizations (European Commission, OECD, multinational companies, etc.) since its constitution.

Ecology&Economics was created in 2017 to extend environmental-related services to the shareholders of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Many companies have already caught or are about to take the opportunity to exert leverage on environmental issues to increase their sales and develop a customer fidelity program. Plastic Consult can guide them in the process of outsourcing this activity, optimizing the management of resources and the containment of fixed costs.

More specifically, our activity is intended to:

Support the sales area to introduce environmental-based proposals in order to enrich the current range of services and/or products offered.

Advice on how to outsource the waste management (collection, treatment and environmental accounting) through a benchmarking analysis carried on environmental operators as to ensure the best cost/quality ratio*.

Enhance the commercial development of SMEs that produce secondary raw materials and products made of recycled material.

* We are neither waste brokers nor a recycling company but your environmental consultants. This neutrality allows us to assure you the best economic and qualitative outcome.