Plastic Consult

Business insight

We are a private and independent company that since 1979 offers industry, finance, trade associations and public administration advice.

In over thirty years of activity we have gained a deep knowledge of industrial fabric and plastics:

  • competitiveness and strategic positioning
  • process economy
  • innovation
  • markets
  • availability of know-how
  • production structure
  • technology
  • environmental issues

Our experience allows us to assist and collaborate with many operators involved in the plastics industry:

  • category associations
  • environmental companies
  • energy companies
  • compounder
  • machinery manufacturers and equipment manufacturers
  • distributors of raw materials, semi-finished products and handcraft
  • large users of packaging, parts and components in plastics
  • financial institutions
  • laboratories and research centres
  • manufacturers of raw materials and additives
  • public administration
  • transformers of plastics

The synergies with Corporate Management allow us to support companies and entrepreneurs with a dual vision: “from the outside” (market, competition and positioning) “and from within” (specific marginality, budgeting and forecasting , organization, relationship with financial institutions).