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Plastic Consult is a consulting company, above parties by vocation. We tend to develop a reliable, and long-lasting, relationship with all our connections.

Our focused work avoids appraisal oversight and undue waste of time. Our advice is exclusively geared towards increasing the value chain of the company, be it a large or a small one.

We are always up-to-date on technologies, products, players and drivers of the sectors we keep monitored. We carefully follow all the radical changes undergone by the economy and the social context.

Environmental protection is innate in our DNA. Over the years we have developed specific skills to include the defence of the ecosystem as one of the best potential areas where it is possible to increase the turnover of companies.

Stakeholders acknowledge us an in-depth expertise encompassing resources, markets, chemical industry, processes, environmental impacts, competitiveness and strategic positioning. We have added, since 2010,a high-profile support to corporate governance and management planning.

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