Plastic Consult

How we do it

We draw organization charts, create relationships between business units, write down methods and apply procedures to allow maximum control with minimum wastage of resources.

Our services are based on a direct relationship with the company’s operators, from the warehouse to the general management.

“Plastic” Consulting

We offer a concrete and constant support to the customer in a “plastic” way and therefore customised on the specific needs of each one.

There can be no pre-packaged dress that fits perfectly to all sizes.


An associated company specialized in data processing and management control, also active as an external service for accounting firms and payroll willing to integrate the data automation process with their customers and their computer systems.

Business on the move

All of your company’s key performance indicators (KPIs) are at your fingertips.


We have developed particularly significant professional experiences in different sectors such as: packaging, publishing industry,, entertainment, healthcare, jewellery and finance.