Plastic Consult

What we do

The main services offered by Plastic Consult – Business Insight

Studies and market analysis

Plastic Consult studies exclusively on industrial goods, with a strong specialization in plastics, chemicals and competing products.

Market and marketing research at national and European level

Related studies aimed at the precise framing and deepening of the dynamics of specific sectors or market segments.

Structure Studies

Analysis to determine the articulation of an industry: number of producers, size, company characteristics, specific employment, trends, etc.
On certain occasions real censuses have been made by all operators in a particular sector, nationally or in a specific territory (regional / provincial scope).

Recycling and environmental issues

Studies and analysis dedicated to the operators involved in the recovery, selection and recycling of waste and waste plastics.

Identification of the possibilities and opportunities for recovery and recycling of plastic materials and sources of supply.

Quantification of post-consumer plastic volumes placed on national territory.

Assessment of the environmental and socio-economic impact of plastic waste.

Plastic Trend Synthesis

Multiclient study dedicated to the detail analysis of all the main thermoplastic polymers: polyethylene (LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE), polypropylene, PVC, styrene (PS, EPS, ABS), and PET. Real-time data for the year just ended. Timely: it shows the data for the last three years and the forecast for the next two. Synthetic: Essential Data, Crucial Predictions.

Strategic counseling

Plastic Consult develops strategic consulting projects targeted and reserved exclusively to individual customers. The main areas of intervention required are:


  • Growth and improvement strategies for marginality
  • Targeted search of customers and suppliers
  • Support the introduction of new materials and articles
  • Identification and evaluation of market opportunities
  • Diversification of the company and renewal of the production range
  • Partner finding, acquisition of new business or companies
  • Support for the launch of new industrial initiatives