Plastic Consult

Market segments

We monitor the trend of production and consumption of numerous plastic, industrial and consumer artifacts, and their positioning towards competing materials. Given the high incidence of costs in the production of raw materials and plastics, we also follow the evolution of the national energy products market.

Raw material

Polyethylene, polypropylene, PVC, PS, ABS, EPS, PA, composite polymers UNI EN 13432 and related compounds, recycled polymers and related raw materials

Tubes and fittings

For infrastructure (gas, water and sewerage), building (drainage, thermo-sanitation)

Insulating materials

Insulating boards EPS, XPS, PU

Industrial Film

Extensible, retractable, agricultural, bags and shopper, stretch hood, etc.

Food Film

Extensible, retractable, heat-sealing, barrier, etc.

Trays and trays

Thermoformed food and non food

Containers for liquids

Bottles, bottles, drums and tanks

Disposable items

Plates, glasses and cutlery

Other printed articles

Household items, components for the automotive, electrical, electronic, animal products, etc.

Other Manufactures and Semi-Finished Plastics

Compact, expanded and alveolar slabs, technical semi-finished products, etc.

Electricity, natural gas and other fuels

Electricity, natural gas and other fuels