Plastic Consult

Business finance

The Plastic Consult – Finanza * d’Impresa division was founded in 2010 to provide operational, concrete and steady support for Small and Medium Business owners, alongside the entrepreneur in managing all the aspects that determine his business satisfaction.


Over the years, Plastic Consult’s business activity has been characterized by a continuous updating of the services offered in relation to changing the external market conditions.


As of 2010, it soon became apparent that we would have gone to a period of confusion in the business world, so it would be crucial to offer a “guidance” service for the companies that they had decided to resist. It was therefore decided to set up a business division, Enterprise Finance, dedicated to the expansion of consulting services across all sectors of the economy, coming out of the traditional industry.


It studies the processes by which individuals, companies, entities, organizations and states manage cash flows over time.

Analyzes how to collect, allocate and use money to maximize your personal satisfaction.

He also deals with financial instruments through which exchanges of money flows between individuals, companies and states.