Plastic Consult

How we do it

In our work we always have two key concepts:

Waste is not the core business of the vast majority of companies and keeping up to date on national and local internal rules and procedures is complex and costly for an SME

When properly interpreted, Italian environmental legislation is a great business opportunity to be complemented by the traditional sale of goods and services

The Environment Division does not offer you pre-packaged standard packages but develops customized strategies and projects for each customer.

Especially for far-sighted ones who decide to outsource waste management in all its complexities: from waste to document management to the creation of sales chains.

Working as an environmental consultant, and not as an intermediary or a waste disposal specialist, we are able to create recycling waste streams in a neutral and productive manner with respect to particular plants and logistics solutions. In this way, our customers access environmental services with the highest standards available and with competitive rates, minimizing the involvement of internal resources that are so reallocated to the core business.