Plastic Consult

Environment Division

The Plastic Consult Environment Division was founded in 2017 to provide operational, concrete and constant support to small or medium-sized business owners.

Many companies have already grasped or are about to take the opportunity to use environmental issues to increase their sales and customer loyalty.
Plastic Consult is able to accompany them in the process of outsourcing this activity, with a view to optimizing the management of resources and the containment of fixed costs.

These new services are flanked by the traditional environmental consulting that Plastic Consult offers since its inception.

More specifically, we deal with:

Support the sales area in the introduction of environmental services able to enrich the current range of services and/or products sold

Outsourcing waste management (collection and treatment services and environmental accounting) through a benchmarking mechanism among environmental operators with the aim of ensuring the service cost-effective and qualitatively cheaper *

Support the commercial development of SMEs involved in the production of secondary raw materials and recycled products

* We are not a waste broker or a recycling company but your environmental consultants. This neutrality allows us to ensure you the best economic and qualitative service.